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Banana Breakers

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Tags: wordwordsword gameword gamesmonkeymonkeyscodecodescode breakingcrackingpuzzlepuzzles

Description: Join the Banana Breakers, a crack team of code-breaking monkeys. Within each puzzle, four-to-six words are hidden for you to find. With each word that you enter, you'll be closer to cracking the code! Part word game, part logic puzzle, Banana Breaker's dynamically generated puzzles will keep you solving for hours.

Instructions: Easy: find the four 4-letter words hidden in the puzzle. Medium: find the five 5-letter words hidden in the puzzle. Hard: find the six 6-letter words hidden in the puzzle. Click to select a letter. Click again to deselect. Your word will submit automatically when you get to the right length. Also includes keyboard support! Arrow keys to navigate on the menu, enter to play, esc to cancel.