Cool Ninja Games

Hot and cool ninja games collection of the best ninja flash games available worldwide. Solve puzzles, challenge yourself in an action full environment, shoot down enemies, small or huge, a ninja is the center in every flash game listed here. Every ninja game has nice graphics and challenging gameplay you will enjoy!

Nano NinjaNano NinjaNano ninja is macro ninja who is trying to avoid traps and get to the top. A cool one button game with retro pixel style graphics and addicting gameplay. Press the button in the right time and make to  Play Now! Ninja PainterNinja PainterA new profession is to be learned by ninja. The profession of house painter! Fun and hot puzzle platform game. Inspiring background music and cool gameplay with nice graphics mean a lot of fun in this  played: 174 times Play Now! Ninja or Nun 3Ninja or Nun 3Enemy ninjas are attacking all over in this hot shooter game. You must defend yourself from ever increasing waves of evil ninjas. Fight back and shoot them down. This flash game is surely an addicting  played: 212 times Play Now! The Ninja GameThe Ninja GameThis ninja game is definitively a cool one. Dodge through bullets, wall-jump through obstacles to the portal, collect coins to earn more point in this new style ninja platform flash game.  Play Now! ManalaManalaManala is a retro style ninja game where timing, abilities, reflexes and defense play a big role. Fight against waves of enemies and bosses. Use every ability which a ninja has in this cool game.  Play Now! Run Ninja RunRun Ninja RunRun for your life, to get out from enemy enemy territory in this cool ninja game. Nice and simple graphics style, and challenging gameplay that tests your skills to the max.  Play Now!